Burn It.

That imprint just there,
that spot
on my heart;
It's burnt.
Black and numb
and scarred 
because it feels 
It was full of fire
and love and
life, once,
but the fire
burned to black
and a smokescreen
to hide
the pain.
Like fire on the plains,
that rages 
across the grasslands
where black 
is all that's left,
for awhile.
The devastation
is the fuel
for rebirth,
though the land
is marred and 
The seeds 
of new life
sprout and flourish
amongst the ashes 
and devastation.
They grow.
They twist and writhe
and push through. 
They lift their
heads to the
Some places
may remain barren
and ruined,
but the beauty
of the life
that surrounds 
such places
provides a 
contrast so lovely
hope can, one day,
in my own heart.

-Nichelle Lei



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