Profound Words


They find me

under the covers

at night,

speeding through thoughts

behind the wheel,

always nipping at my heels.

They climb inside my head

and scream,

"Write me..."

I run from them,

and I love them so

I cannot decipher

which part of them

begins and ends 

apart from me

and which part

makes up myself.

Can I live a full life

without these words,

in human form,

finding their way to paper?

If I find myself 

taking my last breath,

knowing I have not 

given them the life 

they wanted

(still screaming 

and trying to 

bleed out of 

my fingertips


the swirls 

and unique 

shapes that

name me,

make me 


will I have failed?

If I'm the only one

who ever knows them

will my life have 

been profound?

-Nichelle Lei 

write image


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