Hold Steady

The morning breaks
 like a tidal wave
 dashing my life's plans
 upon the rocks
 spraying my hopes into the air
 like mist droplets,
 I stare after them,
 longing for what
 never materialized
 only to see
 a fine array of colors
 illuminating through the
 rainbow-prism mist
 pooling on the surface
 of my eyes.
Joy is hidden in seeing 
the beauty of the light 
that springs forth 
from what is lost.

~Nichelle Lei
Apr. 24, 2017

Photo Source: http://reflectionsintheword.org/2012/08/30/the-sudden-storms-of-life/storm-waves-rainbow/ F2F479D4-F88A-440F-B667-E526C306E07B-7100-00000608069A2596


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