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This stuff is my go-to in the mornings.  I keep a few coffee singles in my purse and take them with me to work (where no coffee pots live).  I know, this seems odd, but my co-workers do not drink coffee, nor do they keep coffee machines on hand.
I’m still trying to figure out how these people are able to function.

Anyway, I’m not much on instant granule coffee.  Much to my delight, however, this coffee single is different.  “Real” coffee grains in a teabag!  Yes, I realize, I sound like an advertisement; but this style of coffee has become a good friend to me, and I wanted to share the love.

I wrote a poem about coffee, once upon a time, and inscribed it on the back of a painting which I gave to a loved one.  This loved one was a bachelor (an untidy bachelor), and, for some reason, he sat my painting directly behind his kitchen-sink faucet.  It, of course, suffered water damage and, I assume, was stuffed in a closet somewhere.  I don’t take
it personally.  I know he loves me; he’s my dad.  However, I regret the loss of my coffee poem.

On that note, I think I’ll go have a fresh cup.  Love, hugs, and coffee mugs to all…


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