Life has exploded into a chaotic mess, lately.  
However, I’m still here, which means I still have 
a purpose and choices to make in matters that need 
resolved.  The only way to go is up from here, “They” 


The first and most important battle for those who are 
struggling is overcoming feelings of powerlessness.  That 
is what makes decision-making possible! If you are feeling 
powerless, the first step is recognizing that, as long as 
there is breath in your body, you still have the ability to 
make choices for the better.  This in essence is called HOPE,
and hope is the antithesis for powerlessness.

Once you are aware that you have the ability to choose 
something and rise to action, you can use that momentum 
to propel yourself into a state of 

This is how change begins.

From this point on, things become possible 

SMALL STEPS are key.  Accomplishing small tasks will feed
your confidence, giving you the strength you need to tackle
the larger problems and obstacles you may be facing.  This 
is why psychologists push simple routine, such as making beds, 
showering, getting dressed for the day, etc., when struggling 
with depression.  The small accomplishments propel you into 
the mental state necessary for overcoming the more daunting 
challenges you may be facing.



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