Walk in Love

IMG_8365A better humanity, 

a better world,

begins with each

individual's choice

to love others daily


to remind oneself 

to Awake


Walk in Love.

-Nichelle Lei



Hold Steady

The morning breaks
 like a tidal wave
 dashing my life's plans
 upon the rocks
 spraying my hopes into the air
 like mist droplets,
 I stare after them,
 longing for what
 never materialized
 only to see
 a fine array of colors
 illuminating through the
 rainbow-prism mist
 pooling on the surface
 of my eyes.
Joy is hidden in seeing 
the beauty of the light 
that springs forth 
from what is lost.

~Nichelle Lei
Apr. 24, 2017

Photo Source: http://reflectionsintheword.org/2012/08/30/the-sudden-storms-of-life/storm-waves-rainbow/ F2F479D4-F88A-440F-B667-E526C306E07B-7100-00000608069A2596

img_7284One fateful accident,

one step away

from brushing passed you

and never knowing 

what I'd missed...

your promises,

your love,

your tender kiss.

Only dreams.

Except I slipped...

and reached for a steady hand,

and it was yours that found mine.

It was yours.

And it is yours 
that holds mine, 

-Nichelle Lei


Water Girl

There is water in her words,

pretties floating on the surface,

gunk sunk below 

in the murky depths.

There is water in her eyes,

though she smiles.

Drops drip drops

distract my eye

while she talks.

Is she sad?

Is she mad?

Is she honest?

How can I tell?

She is so watery.

-Nichelle Lei